The kitchen and bar at OLMAYA

המטבח והבר​

Food and bar at OLMAYA

We are proud to introduce you to our official in-house new kitchen at OLMAYA, malya! After years of working with Israel’s top chefs, catering teams and culinary experts, OLMAYA now provides the most curated solution for hospitality in Jerusalem. Luxurious flavors, modern plating, quality raw materials and creative menus are combined for a consistent experience that will move you, your guests and their senses.

First, the eyes will shine with the colors, textures and presentation.
Then, the scent of the fresh ingredients and expert handling of raw materials will transport you.
Finally, your taste buds will dance since there truly is no better culinary alternative for your OLMAYA event.

The service is one of our top priorities. Expert training and supervision and the highest standards leave no room for error. The smooth execution and flow of your event will feel effortless, as a large team of managers and staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to perfectly tend to you and your guests.

We welcome you to the gem that is malya at OLMAYA.

The bar by Peacock, a tried-and-true Jerusalem player, compliments the kitchen perfectly.

The surrounding landscape, setting and views at OLMAYA are the added value.

Trust us with your special day, we know how to make it timeless, indulgent, and beyond all your expectations.

Weddings in OLMAYA

The most emotional moment in your life deserves the proper stage.  The views, the ambience and the space at OLMAYA allow this in a natural and all-encompassing way, so that your wedding will be truly unforgettable for you and every one of your guests.

Whether a summer or winter wedding, daylight or starlight, intimate or up to 600 guests, all of your needs may be met here — each event with its own charm and custom-made magic.  Let us assist you through the process of creating your dream-come-true wedding at OLMAYA.

The Jerusalem views from every seat in the house allow your event to take on a standard already above and beyond any other in the city.  Together with this, our new in-house chef kitchen upgrades the experience with exquisite local modern flavors. Luxury, history and timeless elegance meet under one roof.  If you are looking for an exclusive location for your special day, OLMAYA is the right venue for you.

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