Bar/Bat Mitzvah

בר/בת מצווה

Bar/Bat Mitzvah​

Making your bar or bat mitzvah in Israel, in Jerusalem, is a decision which impacts the future of your child. Whether you do the prayer services at OLMAYA facing the kotel or come to OLMAYA following a kotel ceremony, the emotions rise to another level.

We would be honored to host you, your family, and your closest friends as you mark the milestone of becoming an adult for your child. This Jewish tradition represents the commitment and responsibility of being part of our People; it is both our history and our future. This deserves a celebration at OLMAYA!

You are welcome to use the different spaces; the main hall or Glass Pergola, the Inside Arches, the surrounding and Olive gardens. The options are endless, no matter the season and the number of guests. Whether it is a morning prayer followed by brunch or an evening dinner and party, OLMAYA is the best Jerusalem venue for you.

The setting, the versatility, the food, the service and the exclusivity will make your bar or bat mitzvah the best that it can be.

Let OLMAYA join you in celebrating life at your Jerusalem bar or bat mitzvah.

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