OLMAYA is the premium location for your Jerusalem event.
The views from every seat in the space fill you with the emotion of almost 4,000 years of Jewish history in this land. The Old City is the focus as you walk down the stairs into your exclusive event.

Our space combines a modern glass structure with a restored arched foyer. The architecture allows versatility customizing your event to the guest size, concept and season.

The location at the Haas Promenade, with the view and its surrounding garden, makes OLMAYA a gem for open air celebrations and gatherings, set apart from the rest of the Jerusalem venues.

We specialize in high end private events, such as weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and corporate events, hosting guests from all over the world and all over the country. For those that have seen the best, who understand quality, and want Jerusalem to be part of their event, OLMAYA is the only choice.

Today, the in-house kitchen by malya delivers delectable local cuisine, beautiful presentation and polished service. We provide both meat and dairy menus and our exclusive bar services by Peacock compliment the food perfectly.

Welcome your guests with a golden hour aperitif in the front garden followed by a ceremony by the olive trees or on the upper Promenade terrace and finally a festive dinner-dance in the main Glass Pergola. Following 10 years since opening our doors, OLMAYA guarantees an experience that will surpass your biggest dreams.

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