Welcome to OLMAYA, Jerusalem’s premium venue for private and corporate events.  OLMAYA enjoys unique panoramic views of the Old City and modern city incorporating the surrounding gardens of the Haas Promenade – a background that only our location can provide.

Close to 4,000 years of history greet you as you descend the stairs to OLMAYA’s main entrance.  The surrounding gardens of the Promenade and breathtaking views together with the versatile indoor space create the perfect setting for your event.

The OLMAYA complex is made up of the Glass Pergola, a completely transparent and modern glass cube structure with Jerusalem’s views from any seat in the house, no exception.  The unique retractable roof incorporates the outside skies and Jerusalem air for a feeling of celebrating outdoors. Adjacent to the Glass Pergola is the versatile ante-room or foyer, the Inside Arches space, which boasts charming gothic arches, Jerusalem stone covered pillars and warm wood and wrought iron detailing.  This space may be used as a cocktail reception space in the winter months, as an after-party with top of the line lighting and sound for dancing into the early morning hours, a children’s area for games, or as a space for a relaxed lounge set-up. The Inside Arches has its own fixed bar which allows access to guests and servers.  During the warmer months, the front lawn, stone patio and olive garden provide an ideal space for your cocktail reception in the evening hours. The hot summer temperatures drop and the pastel sunsets of Jerusalem paint the skies in ethereal shades; make the Jerusalem golden hour part of your special moment. During the transitional seasons, both for daytime or evening events, the surrounding gardens are used for open air ceremonies and gatherings, a significant advantage not present at other venues.  All of this together with the views make OLMAYA a space incomparable to any other.
At OLMAYA we can create your tailor-made event just as you imagined it, or better.  The top event planners know that the possibilities are endless at OLMAYA, making it far more attractive than the competing luxury hotels and venues Jerusalem has to offer.  Our in-house team is well experienced and sensitive to any customer’s needs, they are eager to please and welcome all challenges. 
New to OLMAYA is the outstanding in-house kitchen and bar headed by one of Jerusalem’s renowned celebrity chefs.  We are proud to cater to your culinary needs providing the best quality, service, spectacular plating and wow-FLAVORS available in Jerusalem.  Talent, artistry and craft create exquisite Israeli cuisine right here under one roof, at OLMAYA. The accompanying bar services shake cocktails, pour wine and mix drinks keeping your guests spirited throughout. OLMAYA’s platform, together with Israel’s top decorators, musicians, entertainers and production experts is the recipe for your event’s success.

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