Why get married in jerusalem?

Jerusalem is not only the capital of Israel; it is the spiritual center of the world.  To experience Jerusalem is to connect to the spirit of humankind, to the spirit of the Jewish people.  At OLMAYA Jerusalem, the Old City is the focus of the view.  Jerusalem is ever-present.  The views inspire, the arid mountain climate is ideal and the versatile indoor space and surrounding gardens are the perfect setting for a once in a lifetime wedding.

wedding with jerusalem view
israeli wedding at night

Choosing Jerusalem as the place to make your wedding makes a statement about who you are and how important the holy aspect of your union is to your future.  Jerusalem sets the mood for the flavor of your wedding; it gives a deeper meaning to the ceremony.  Jerusalem views as a backdrop to your Chuppah ceremony?  This says it all.

It symbolizes what is said before breaking the glass, “If I forget thee, oh Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill.”

Jerusalem is in fact at the top of your celebration when the views of the Old City stand out in the panorama of the modern and old Jerusalem.

For guests coming from outside the city, the experience is unique, it is one and only.  For guests that come from abroad, this will make their destination wedding above and beyond their expectations.  Why not make your special day the most meaningful trip for your guests from abroad?

At sunset, even at the height of Israel’s summer heat, the temperatures cool in Jerusalem.  Cocktails and champagne on the front lawn with the pastel colored skies, olive trees and city views beyond are soothing and magical.  The glass cube where the dinner dance takes place after the ceremony may be opened on all sides.  This gives the evening a feeling of being outdoors however with the comforts and amenities of a top of the line events hall.  At OLMAYA, the privacy and customized service allows you to create the wedding of your dreams, the Jerusalem wedding to your specifications.  Even the roof is retractable which allows a starry sky as your ceiling!

If you are looking to make a destination wedding, Jerusalem is on everyone’s bucket list for places to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Connect spiritually, enjoy the best Jerusalem views that the city has to offer and find the answer to your cut to measure experience, only at OLMAYA.

 Any time of the year, the 3,000 years of Jewish history in view will resonate and cause an unforgettable impression on every one of your guests who will join you in your celebration.

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