Getting married in Jerusalem

When choosing the setting for your once-in-a-lifetime event, you want to make sure you have all the necessary components.  The emotion, the build-up, the apprehensions felt planning your day… they can all be overwhelming.  It is so exciting but at the same time there is pressure.  You want it to be perfect for the both of you, but you also want it to be special for your family, closest friends and every guest who is there to share in your wedding.  There are also two sides to the equation, so you must discuss and analyze all the options, in order to in the end come up with the best compromise.  This process is the PERFECT TRIAL for your future as a married couple!

chuppa in jerusalem

The first and most important factor to consider when choosing your venue should be all about the two of you.  Where you come from and where you want to go – what you want your ceremony and your celebration to feel like… it is a hard decision to make!  Surely practicality plays a role, you may want your venue to be close to where most of your family lives or the majority of your guests live.

Sometimes, you want to take all of your guests to a special location… DESTINATION WEDDINGS are very much in vogue these days.  Otherwise you want the setting to symbolize something that you either both love, or that you both feel represents you best.  The setting sets the mood and tone for both the ceremony and the celebration to follow.

If you feel that Jerusalem is an important part of your identity, then you must select a venue where you feel the glory of this city from the beginning to the end.  Jerusalem is not only the capital of Israel, it is also the foundation of Judaism.  Jerusalem marks the beginning of who we are as a people.  This is the perfect symbolism for the beginning of your union as a couple.

At Olmaya, “Jerusalem” is even part of the name of the venue.  Jerusalem and Olmaya are inseparable.  Anyone who selects Olmaya as their venue choice must feel that strong connection to Jerusalem, as the Jerusalem views convey the spiritual power of combining history with the present.  The views are available from the cocktail reception on the gardens surrounding the main hall.  The Chuppah can be set up at a few locations, always with postcard views of the Old City framed by your ceremony.

As you check the options available in Jerusalem, you will note that the highest standard can be found in only a few specific locations.  Unfortunately, some of these locations may have good service and a great culinary and bar experience, but if all of this takes place in the basement of five-star hotel, wouldn’t it be the same to stay in your country or city of origin?  Without the trouble of traveling far and wide to get to the holy city and capital of Israel?  The exclusivity and privacy felt when you arrive at Olmaya, makes your Jerusalem wedding feel truly  yours.  Those present will only be the guests that you care so much about, those that you have invited.  There is no feeling of other hotel guests walking through the lobby as you family gets ready to go to the ceremony.  There is no congestion in the elevator moving from the Chuppah to the reception hall.  At Olmaya, your wedding is fluid; it works.  Jerusalem sunsets welcome you and pleasant mountain breeze, even in the height of summer, make it ideal for the evening to begin.

chatan and kallah black and white

  The ceremony is the most significant part, with all the emotion coming to a climax in front of the best views in all of Jerusalem.  Then the dinner and dance follows in a versatile space that can be transformed to your taste, all the while with Jerusalem as your background, as the walls are transparent – or even inexistent ( they can be folded back for a completely open space from the late Spring and throughout summer to late Fall!).

As your celebration continues, the guests celebrate along with you, the space is yours, the sounds of your favorite music, whether live or DJ, bring the guests to the dance floor and the party has really taken off.  At Olmaya, the sky is the limit, even the roof can be retracted so that you can see the starry night over your heads.  Dinner will be served and all will delight in the top level tastes, presentation and service.  The bar will make sure that the mood stays high and that all are tended to.   You are celebrating your wedding in Jerusalem, at OLMAYA.

jewish wedding venue

If you choose to continue into the late hours of the next day, the after-party can happen in the Inside Arches space, right there, next to the main hall.  Here the DJ can keep the tunes going and the dancing keeps going to no limit.  Or, you can use this space for the little kids who may want a quiet corner to finally get to sleep after so much excitement. You don’t need to go far, from beginning to end, the wedding takes place in one space, with a feeling of indoors and outdoors, views from every angle, and the comfort of making it yours, only yours for that evening which nobody will ever forget.

If Jerusalem is your choice, the choice of where in Jerusalem is clear.  From the planning stages to the very last dance and that sweet bite of dessert with bubbly that completes that perfect celebration, the experience at Olmaya will fill all of your needs, and beyond.  Do the research, contrast and compare all of your options, then make the decision that you will not regret, one that both of you, your families and every one of your guests will be so happy you took. The dream Jerusalem wedding can only be at Olmaya.


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