OLMAYA is the new Jerusalem space for private and corporate events, with breathtaking panoramic views of the Old and New Cities that are unique to our location

OLMAYA is the new Jerusalem space for private and corporate events, with breathtaking panoramic views of the Old and New Cities that are unique to our location.

Luxury is the freedom to create your event as you imagine it, there are no obstacles at OLMAYA, where our staff ensures a level of service not commonly found in Israel. Together with our partnering chef kitchen which ensures a transformative culinary experience, Israel’s top event planners, producers and recommended decorators, musicians and entertainers, OLMAYA is eager to help make your wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, engagement, corporate gala dinner or bris unforgettable. OLMAYA is involved from your first visit to the execution of the event, ensuring no small detail is missed.

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OLMAYA – an events venue and events garden all in one


OLMAYA’s compound is made up of two connecting spaces. The “Glass Pergola”, a completely transparent glass structure, is the main space. Its accordion walls open up in the temperate months, as does the retractable roof, allowing you to feel a part of the landscaped gardens and olive trees of the Sherover Promenade. The front lawn is perfect for a relaxing lounge area to enjoy the unique views, an inspiring morning prayer service facing the Old City, or a romantic sunset cocktail to welcome the guests for the evening. The “Inside Arches” space conserves the original gothic arch space with Jerusalem stone accents, warm wood and iron details, an elegant fixed bar, wine tasting corner and a stone and copper taboon oven. This space can be used for a cocktail reception or a children’s lounge or game space in the colder months or an After Party all year long, where the DJ can connect to our state of the art sound amplification and the sophisticated lighting equipment adds to the vibe for celebrating into the small hours of the morning.

OLMAYA provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for your event with the best service available

Our service philosophy at OLMAYA is that the customer always comes first. In the events arena, the customer is the couple to marry, the parents of the bar or bat mitzvah, the corporate client AND EVERY GUEST PRESENT. We make sure that all needs are met and every guest present is happy, comfortable, and living a moment that they will always remember. We do this because we understand international standards and also because we know that each guest will then become our ambassador. At OLMAYA personal attention is our priority and your privilege.

אודות עולמיא

The chef kitchen and bar services at OLMAYA

Our chef kitchen and bar surprise and delight. At OLMAYA we guarantee a pleased palate. The professional staff creates a partnership with the customer in order to fully understand exactly what is expected, imagined, and required for an a la carte solution to every event. Because tastes vary there is a perfect match for everyone. The wines, alcohol and one-of a kind cocktails only enhance each menu for an ideal fit. Once this is defined, the final event is executed to perfection. At OLMAYA, we understand the international standard in hospitality and are proud to uphold it.